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Terms and Conditions

Conditions - All orders become void should crop failure occur due to causes beyond our control.  Booked orders will not be binding unless the order has been confirmed and a 25% deposit has been paid.

Terms - All orders are pre-paid unless credit has been established.  All claims must be made immediately upon receipt of stock.  In no case will our liability exceed the purchase price.  A service charge of 1.5% per month or the maximum rate allowed by state law will be assessed to all accounts over 30 days past due.

Shipping - Liners will be boxed at our cost of materials and labor.  All prices are F.O.B. our nursery.  Risks and cost of transportation belong to the purchaser.  Drivers are employees of the trucking company and are not responsible for unloading plants.  Please have adequate help available. We cannot ship liners between June 15th and September 1st.  You're welcome to pick liners up during that time.

Minimums - Our minimum order for shipping is $750.00   All liner orders will be shipped on pallets.  We're sorry, but we cannot ship UPS.  A picking surcharge of 10% will be applied to quantities less than 100 liners, 50 #1 gallons, 10 #3 gallons, or 5 #7 gallons per variety.  Please call ahead to make arrangements with us when you pick up your order.


Quantity discounts per variety

Quantity for Quantity Discount (Deduct 10% from list price)

40 Cellpack

25 Flats

3" pots or 1801 cellpack

1000 plants

#1 gallon or full gallon

250 plants

#3 gallon

50 plants

#7 gallon

25 plants

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