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32 or 40 cellpack 30 flats Note:  a picking surcharge of 10% will be applied to
3″ pots (sold in boxes of 75) 1125 (15 boxes) quantities less than 5 flats, 20 #1 gallons or 10 #3 gallons
#1 gallon or full gallon 250 per variety
#3 gallon 50
#7 gallon 25
32 or 40 cellpack Variety Description # 1 Gal # 3 Gal # 7 Gal
Now $0.50 Abelia x chinensis ‘Canyon Creek’ UGA introduction, compact variegated abelia April $7.50
Now $0.50 Abelia grandiflora ‘Edward Goucher’ Dark purple-pink flowers, 3 – 5′ Now $2.00 Now $7.50
Now $0.50 Abelia grandiflora ‘Francis Mason’ Pale pink flowers with yellow foliage, 3 – 4′ Now $7.50
Now $0.50 Abelia x chinensis ‘Rose Creek’ UGA introduction, compact abelia from Dr. Dirr March $7.50
Acer palmatum Seedling Japanese maple Now $33.75
Acer palmatum ‘Bloodgood’ Cutting grown red leaf holds color longer Now $33.75
Acer palmatum ‘Ryusen’ PP18501 Weeping selection from Itsaul Plants Now $17.00
Acer palmatum ‘Sango Kaku’ Cutting grown coral bark maple, golden foliage
Acer palmatum ‘Sieryu’ Vase shaped lacy dissectum maple with red fall foliage Now $33.75
Aesculus parviflora (White Buckeye) Small tree with white bottlebrush blooms Now $11.00 Now $25.00
Now $0.50 Agarista populifolia Evergreen native, good substitute for Photinia Now $7.50
Aspidistra ‘Asahi’ White tipped variegation on evergreen for deep shade
Aspidistra eliator Cast Iron plant.  Evergreen foliage for deep shade
Aspidistra ‘Milky Way’ (aka ‘Ginga’) Flecks of white variegation light up deep shade
Aspidistra ‘Ocean Springs’ Strong golden variegation, slow growing selection Now $2.25
Aspidistra ‘Spektacular’ 40″ gracefully curved leaves with heavy yellow fleck vaiegation Now $8.50
Now $0.50 Aucuba serratifolia Waxy 4″ leaves, low growing
Feb $0.50 Aucuba variegata Yellow-flecked waxy leaves May $2.00
Now $0.50 Berberis ‘Concord’ Deeper burgundy than ‘Crimson Pygmy’ Now $2.00
Berberis ‘Crimson Pygmy’ Excellent summer color. Low, dense plant Now $7.50
Now $0.50 Berberis aurea – Golden Barberry Bright yellow-gold foliage, compact growth Now $2.00
Berberis ‘Rose Glow’ Rose-pink foliage with red-purple splotches
March $1.00 Buxus Gordo   PP# 19924 Compact mounding form with large leaves Now $12.50
Buxus ‘Graham Blandy’ 6-9′ columnar boxwood with deep green leaves
Buxus ‘Green Velvet’ Good blue-green foliage, attractive habit
March $1.00 Buxus ‘Highlander’   PP# 22978 Fast growing upright boxwood from Star Roses
March $0.50 Buxus japonica Old Southern standard, 3 – 6′ formal hedging shrub Now $7.50
March $1.00 Buxus ‘Little Missy’   PPAF Low mounding form from Star Roses
April $0.60 Buxus ‘Sunburst’ Yellow variegated Wintergreen sport, partial shade Now $2.25
March $0.50 Buxus ‘Wintergem’ Deep green winter color won’t bronze Now $7.50
March $0.50 Buxus ‘Wintergreen’ Hardier than Japanese boxwood, fast grower April $2.00 Now $7.50
Now $0.60 Callistemon c. ‘ Woodlander’s Hardy’ Red flowering hardy bottlebrush Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Calycanthus floridus Native sweet shrub, fragrant selection Now $2.25
Now $0.95 Cephalotaxus ‘Atlas Acre’ Large upright 10-12′ evergreen
Now $0.95 Cephalotaxus harringtonia var. drupacea Low growing 5-6′ deep green bushy conifer Now $11.00
Now $0.95 Cephalotaxus harringtonia ‘Fastigata’ Upright deep green  conifer resembling Yew
Cephalotaxus harringtonia ‘Prostrata’ Popular prostrate spreading evergreen conifer March $11.00
   Recent introductions from Japan have changed the way we think about Japanese Quince (Chaenomeles).  The Quinces offer early spring color at a time when it’s most welcome in the garden.
Chaenomeles (Quince) ‘Cameo’ – apricot Subtle apricot blooms in early Spring Now $2.25 Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Chaenomeles (Quince) ‘Chojuraku’ Apricot-orange double flowers, 4 to 5 feet Now $2.25 Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Chaenomeles (Quince) ‘Iwai Nishiki’ Double, deep red camellia-like flowers, low growing Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Chaenomeles (Quince) ‘Kan Toyo’ A dwarf form of ‘Toyo Nishiki’ with pink and white flowers Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Chaenomeles (Quince) ‘O Yashima’ Large double white flowers, 4 to 5 feet Now $2.25 Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Chaenomeles (Quince) ‘Suburb Fusion’ Seedling of ‘Crimson and Gold’ with bright red flowers Now $2.25 Now $8.50
Chaenomeles (Quince) ‘Toyo Nishiki’ Early Spring flowers in pink and white
The False Cypress (Chamaecyparis) is an impressive evergreen tree for the Southern landscape.  These range in size from the minature to the truly monsterous.
Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Crippsii’ Bright gold 10′ conical evergreen Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Chamaecyparis o. ‘Filicoides’ (Fernspray) 25′  evergreen with deep green flattened fernlike branches Now $2.25 Now $8.50
Chamaecyparis ob. ‘Gracilis’ (Slender Hinoki) 8-10′ upright pyramidal accent conifer Now $2.25 Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Southern Lace’ Large, lacy 15-20′ pyramidal conifer Now $8.50
Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Templehoff’ 10′ broad fan shaped form of false cypress Now $2.25 Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Torulosa’ 10 -12′ evergreen with flattened, twisted foliage. Now $2.25 Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Chamaecyparis o. ‘Well’s Special’ Excellent selection of Hinoki Cypress, 15′ Now $2.25
Chamaecyparis pisif. ‘Gold Thread’ Golden-yellow color, weeping habit
Chionanthus ret. (Chinese Fringe Tree) Beautiful feathery flowers in Spring
Chionanthus vir. (Grancy Graybeard) Small 25′ tree with fragrant white Spring flowers Now $25.00
Now $0.60 Clethra ‘Hummingbird’ Long white summer flowers from Fred Galle Now $8.50
Clethra ‘Ruby Spice’ Darkest pink of any clethra selection
Cleyera japonica Excellent fast growing screening plant to 15′ Now $2.25 Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Cliftonia monophyla ‘Chipolo Pink’ Pink blooming buckwheat tree
Now $0.60 Cryptomeria ‘Black Dragon’ Black green foliage on 12′ pyramidal tree April $2.25 Now $8.50 Now $19.35
Cryptomeria globosa nana 6 – 8′ dense globe shaped Japanese Cedar
Cryptomeria ‘Radicans’ Fast growing soft textured Japanese Cedar Now $8.50
Cryptomeria ‘Rasen’ braided Cryptomeria  Needles curl around the stems of this unique cultivar, 10-12′ Now $2.25 Now $8.50
Cryptomeria ‘Sekkan Suji’ Cream variegated tips on a pyramidal 30′ tree, stunning Now $2.25 Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Cryptomeria ‘Yellow Twig’ Narrow green foliage on a 7′ loosely pyramidal tree
Cryptomeria japonica ‘Yoshino’ Large graceful evergreen conifer to 50′ Now $8.50
Cuprocyparis ‘Leyland Cypress’ Large screening evergreen ornamental tree Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Cupro. ‘Weeping Leyland Cypress’ Wonderful pedulous form with clear silver-blue needles
Cupressus arizonica ‘Blue Ice’ Pyramidal to 30′, silver-blue foliage
Now $0.60 Cyrilla racemiflora (Summer Titi) Cream Summer racemes, orange fall color, southeastern native Now $2.25
Now $0.60 Deutzia ‘Pink Minor’ Dwarf arching variety with light pink flowers in late Spring
Edgeworthia chrysantha – Paper Bush Early Spring very fragrant flowers on bare stems Now $8.50
Now $0.50 Eleaegnus ‘Ebbingii’ More compact, less thorns than ‘Fruitlandi’ Now $7.50
Fatsia japonica Shade area plant with 18″ leaves
Forsythia inter. ‘Karl Sax’ Deep yellow spring flowers on compact 6′ shrub
Now $0.60 Forsythia inter. ‘Golden Times’ Bright yellow spring flowers with summer golden foliage Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Forsythia ‘Kumson’ Golden spring flowers with silver netted vaiegated foliage
Fothergilla gardenii x ‘Mt. Airy’ Dr. Dirr’s selection, great fall color
Now $0.50 Gardenia jas. ‘August Beauty’ Strong rounded gardenia with double white flowers Now $2.00 Now $7.50
Now $0.50 Gardenia jas. ‘Daisy’ Hardy, low growing with pinwheel flowers Now $2.00 Now $7.50
Now $0.50 Gardenia jas. ‘Frostproof’ Hardier and more upright than radicans Now $2.00 Now $7.50
Now $0.50 Gardenia jas. radicans Dwarf form with double flowers Now $2.00 Now $7.50
Now $0.50 Gardenia jas. variegata Cream yellow variegated leaves – great shade plant Now $2.00 Now $7.50
Feb $0.50 Gelsemium sempervirens ‘Margarita’ Cold hardy form of Carolina jasmine, bright yellow spring flowers
Gelsemium rankinii – swamp jessamine Spring and fall yellow bell shaped flowers
Hedychium ‘Luna Moth’ (Butterfly Ginger) 5′ – 6′ Ginger with large, very fragrant pure white blooms Now $8.50
Indian Hawthorn – see Raphiolepis
Hemerocallis ‘Gertrude Condon’ – daylily 5″ evergreen orange-yellow flowers on 22″ plant.  Rebloomer Now $2.25
Hemerocallis ‘Happy Returns’ – daylily Reblooming evergreen red Now $2.25
Hemerocallis ‘Little Business’ – daylily 3″ Crimson flowers on a 12-15″ plant.  Blooms all summer long. Now $2.25
4″ – Now $0.75 Hydrangea serrata ‘Blue Billow’ Light blue lacecap on long stems, free flowering Now $8.50
4″ – Now $0.75 Hydrangea m. ‘Charm’ Deep pink mophead.  Smaller stature than most with large foliage
4″ – Now $0.75 Hydrangea m. ‘Preziosa’ Compact, hardy mophead opens white and turn to pink Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Hydrangea paniculata ‘Phantom’ Huge white panicles starting in July,  Outstanding selection Now $8.50
3″ – Feb $0.75 Hydrangea quercifolia -seedling Vigorous Alabama seedling grown Oakleaf Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Hypericum ‘Sunburst’ 2′ shrub with large double bright yellow blooms in late Spring
Now $0.50 Ilex cornuta ‘Burford’ Small tree, large 15′ shrub Now $2.00
Now $0.50 Ilex cornuta ‘Carissa’ Tough low growing holly, compact Now $2.00 Now $7.50
Now $0.50 Ilex cornuta ‘Delcambre’, ‘Needlepoint’ Slightly softer texture than ‘Dwarf Burford’ Now $2.00 Now $7.50
Now $0.50 Ilex cornuta ‘Dwarf Burford’ Smaller leaf than ‘Burford’, large shrub
Feb $0.50 Ilex cornuta ‘Rotunda’ Low mounding, good ‘zero traffic’ area plant Now $2.00
Now $0.50 Ilex crenata ‘Compacta’ Standard small leaf hedge from 3′ to 6′ Now $2.00 Now $7.50
Now $0.50 Ilex crenata ‘Helleri’ Standard low mounding small leaf holly Now $2.00 Now $7.50
Now $0.50 Ilex crenata ‘Hoogendorn’ Like ‘Helleri’, but more globose. Nice holly Now $7.50
Ilex crenata ‘Ianna Gold’ Peter van der Giessen selection, gold tips Now $2.00
Now $0.50 Ilex crenata ‘Skypencil’ Tremendous columnar crenata. 6′ spire Now $2.00 Now $7.50
Now $0.50 Ilex crenata ‘Soft Touch’ Great soft texture, hardier than ‘Helleri’ Now $7.50
Now $0.60 Ilex decidua ‘Finch’s Gold’ Beautiful gold berried deciduous holly from Bill Finch Now $2.25 Now $8.50
Ilex decidua ‘Midas’ Pollinator for ‘Finch’s Gold’ possumhaw.  Bill Finch selection Now $2.25
Now $0.60 Ilex decidua ‘Warren’s Red’ Largest berries of any deciduous holly on the market Now $2.25 Now $8.50 Now $19.35
Now $0.60 Ilex glabra ‘Nigra’ Darker, a little less formal than Shamrock
Ilex glabra ‘Shamrock’ Upright stems with compact, rounded form. Holds lower foliage. Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Ilex latifolia Lusterous green leaves and clusters of red berries, 20′ Now $2.25 Now $8.50
3″ – Now $0.75 Ilex verticillata ‘Red Sprite’ Dwarf form of winterberry, tops out at 6′ Now $2.25 Now $8.50
3″ – Now $0.75 Ilex verticillata ‘Sunset’ Our favorite selection of red winterberry Now $8.50 Now $19.35
Now $0.60 Ilex vom. ‘Anna’s Choice’ Vigorous yellow berried yaupon from Mr. Tom Dodd Jr. Now $8.50
April $0.60 Ilex vom. ‘Oscar’s Dwarf Greenleaf’ Three foot yaupon, dark green foliage from Mr. Tom Dodd Jr. Now $8.50
Ilex vomitoria ‘Pride of Houston’ The Texas standard for native yaupon
April $0.60 Ilex vomitoria ‘Shadows Female’ Well branched, dark green large leaf native yaupon Now $8.50
Ilex vomitoria ‘Shillings’, ‘Stokes’ Standard low growing yaupon Now $2.00 Now $7.50
Now $0.50 Ilex X aquifolium ‘Nellie R. Stevens’ Large loosely pyramidal holly Now $7.50
Now $0.60 Ilex X attenuata ‘Bronze Beauty’ Beautiful bronze foliage on upright columnar holly Now $2.25
Now $0.50 Ilex X attenuata ‘Eagleson’ More compact, better color than ‘Savannah’
Now $0.50 Ilex X attenuata ‘East Palatka’ Broad rounded leaves on tight pyramidal holly.  Good berry set
Now $0.50 Ilex  X attenuata ‘Foster #2’ Deep green pyramidal to 30′ Now $2.00 Now $7.50
Now $0.50 Ilex  X attenuata ‘Greenleaf’ Pyramidal holly with olive green foliage and good winter fruit
Now $0.50 Ilex X attenuata ‘Savannah’ Fast growing Spring green pyramidal holly Now $7.50
Ilex X latifolia ‘Elizabeth Coleman’ Heavily berried conical holly to 15′ from Mr. Tom Dodd Jr. Now $2.25 Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Ilex X latifolia ‘Leah Bates’ Lusterous green foliage, 10 -15′ from Mr. Tom Dodd Jr. Now $2.25 Now $8.50
Now $0.50 Ilex X latifolia ‘Mary Nell’ Beautiful glossy green foliage, 30′ pyramidal
Now $0.60 Ilex X serrata ‘Sparkleberry’ Heavy berrying 6 – 8′ holly from National Arboretum Now $8.50
Ilex X serrata ‘Apollo’ Pollinator for ‘Sparkleberry’ or Winterberry Now $2.25 Now $8.50
Feb $0.60 Illicium floridanum Fine native shade screen with red flowers Now $8.50
Feb $0.60 Illicium parviflorum ‘Florida Sunshine’ Bright yellow foliage with white summer flowers for shady areas Now $8.50
Feb $0.50 Illicium parviflorum Hardiest Illicium,  sun tolerant, white flowers Now $7.50
Now $0.60 Jasminum floridum- Showy Jasmine Bright yellow flowers spring to early summer, arching  habit 3-4′ Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Jasminum mesnyi ‘Full Moon’ Double flowered Primrose Jasmine, 8-10′, zone 8-10 Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Jasminum nudiflorum – Winter Jasmine Profuse yellow flowers from November to March Now $8.50
Now $0.50 Juniper chinensis ‘Blue Point’ Good blue upright form
Now $0.50 Juniper chinensis ‘Hetzii Columnaris’ Large growing pyramidal conifer.  Grows to 15′ with 5′ spread Now $2.00 Now $7.50
Juniper chinensis ‘Torulosa’ Hollywood juniper, upright and sculptural Now $2.00
Now $0.50 Juniper conferta ‘Blue Pacific’ Aquamarine blue coniferous groundcover. 12″ Now $7.50
Juniper conferta ‘Blue Lagoon’ Deeper blue and lower growing than ‘Blue Pacific’ Now $7.50
Juniper conferta ‘Silver Mist’ Needles have a strong silver cast.  Attractive groundcover Now $2.25 Now $8.50
Now $0.50 Juniper davurica ‘Parsoni’ Low growing blue green spreading conifer , typically 3′ Now $2.00 Now $7.50
Now $0.50 Juniper horiz. ‘Andorra Compacta’ Vase shaped, low. Bronze winter foliage Now $2.00
Now $0.50 Juniper horizontalis ‘Blue Rug’ Excellent ground cover on difficult sites
Juniper procumbens n. ‘Green Mound’ Compact selection of procumbens nana. Very dense Now $7.50
Now $0.60 Juniper salicicola ‘Brodie’ Southeastern native red cedar. Columnar form Now $2.25 Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Juniper squam. ‘Meyer’s Blue’ Blue spreading juniper to 5′ Now $8.50
Juniper virginiana ‘Burkii’ Silver blue broadly pyramidal to 20′. Very hardy and easy to grow Now $2.00 Now $7.50
Juniper virginiana ‘Grey Owl’ Great blue foliage on 5′ spreader Now $7.50
Now $0.95 Juniper virginiana – weeping form A pendulous selection from Bob McCartney at Woodlanders Now $3.50 Now $11.00
Now $0.95 Kadsura ‘Fukirin’ Glossy evergreen vine, strongly cream variegated foliage Now $11.00
Now $0.50 Lagerstroemia x ‘Catawba’ Purple flowers on 10′ tree. Fantastic orange fall color
Now $1.30 Lag. I. ‘Dynamite’ ™ pat.#10296 Large cherry red, upright, mildew resistant Now $24.00
Now $0.50 Lagerstroemia  x ‘Miami’ Dark coral pink, grows to 20′, chestnut bark Now $18.00
Now $0.50 Lagerstroemia  x ‘Natchez’ White, tree-type to 25′, great cinnamon bark Now $7.50 Now $18.00
Now $1.30 Lag. I. ‘Pink Velour’ ™ pat.#10319 Bright pink flowers with striking burgundy foliage Now $10.00 Now $24.00
Now $0.50 Lagerstroemia x ‘Pokomoke’ 2′ dwarf pink, National Arboretum release Now $2.00 Now $7.50
Now $1.30 Lag. I. ‘Rhapsody in Pink’ TM pat. #16616 Soft pink flowers on wine red foliage, 10-15′
Now $1.30 Lag. I. ‘Red Rocket’ ™ pat.# 11342 Bright firecracker red flowers, tall grower Now $24.00
Leucothoe a. ‘Margie Jenkins’ Beautiful dark green selection
Now $0.60 Ligustrum japonicum ‘Little Moon’ Dwarf introduction from Mr. Tom Dodd Jr. Now $8.50
Now $0.50 Ligustrum japonicum (Wax Leaf Ligustrum) Large, fast growing screen hedge Now $2.00
Now $0.50 Ligustrum recurvifolia Wavy, waxy leaf.  Fast growing screen Now $7.50
Liriope ‘Big Blue’ – Monkey grass Wide blade, dark green color Now $2.00
Liriope ‘Emerald Goddess’ plant patent 14571 Vigorous, tall growing variety resistant to crown rot Now $2.25
Liriope ‘Lynn Lowery’ Specimen plant, 24″ deep green leaves, lavender blooms Now $8.50
Liriope variegated popular yellow variegated form of monkey grass Now $2.00
Now $0.60 Loropetalum ‘Carolina Midnight’ Best red flower and foliage we’ve seen without a trademark. Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Loropetalum ‘Daruma’ Compact 4′ blush red fringe flower Now $8.50
Now $0.50 Loropetalum ‘Plumleaf’ Deep burgundy red foliage on a compact plant Now $7.50
Loropetalum ‘Zouzhou’ Large, upright, vigorous selection with good burgundy foliage Now $7.50
Now $0.60 Lyonia lucida White spring flowers on low mounding evergreen  native Now $8.50
Japanese Magnolias are amoung our most beautiful Southern trees.  The Star Magnolia (Magnolia stellata) is a small spreading tree that grows to 15-20′, while the Tulip Magnolias (Magnolia soulangiana and Gresham hybrids) can reach 40′ or better.  The elegant Yulan Magnolia (Magnolia denudata) has been cultivated in China for thousands of years.
Magnolia denudata Exceptional white flowering magnolia
Magnolia (quincapetala) liliflora ‘Nigra’ Deep purple flowers with light purple inside – floriferous Now $8.50
Magnolia stellata ‘Royal Star’ Really large star-shaped flowers. Nice tree Now $8.50
Magnolia stellata ‘Water Lily’ Pale pink petals arranged like a water lily Now $8.50
Magnolia X ‘Ann’ (National Arboretum) 10′ red-purple from National Arboretum, early Now $8.50
Magnolis X ‘Black Beauty’ (Brooklyn Botanical) 12′ tree bearing black purple flowers with white inside Now $8.50
Magnolis X ‘Black Velvet’ (McDaniel) Deep purple flowers on a late flowering hybrid Now $8.50
Magnolia X ‘Dark Shadows’ (Gresham) Large deep purple blooms in early Spring Now $19.35
Magnolia X ‘Full Eclipse’ (Gresham hybrid) Deepest purple flowers, columnar Now $8.50
Mag. X ‘Galaxy’ (National Arboretum) 30′ tree with lavender blooms in Spring Now $19.35
Magnolia X ‘Jane’ (National Arboretum) 20′ red-purple with white inside, cup shaped
Magnolia X ‘Jon Jon’ (Gresham hybrid) Large white flowers with red stamens, late flowering Now $19.35
Magnolia X loebernii ‘White Rose’ 20 or more white petals flaring up and outward, never drooping Now $8.50
Magnolia X ‘Pink Goblet’ (Gresham) 6″ pink goblet-shaped flowers, pure white inside Now $8.50 Now $19.35
Magnolia X ‘Vulcan’ (Jury hybrid) Red-purple 15-20′ spring flowering tree Now $8.50 Now $19.35
Magnolia X ‘Wada’s Memory’ large papery white star magnolia flowers on a very upright tree Now $8.50
Mahonia eurybracteata-Narrow Leaf Mahonia 8″ soft blue-green leaves, sprays of yellow flowers in Autumn, 4′ Now $11.00
Mahonia eur. Soft Caress ™ patent 20183 Slender, graceful foliage with yellow flowers in fall, 2-3′ Now $13.50
Mahonia fortunei -Chinese Mahonia Handsome upright soft mahonia with yellow winter flower spikes Now $7.50
Now $0.60 Michelia (Magnolia) skinneriana Hardier than Michellia figo, heavy bloomer Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Myrica c. ‘Don’s Dwarf’ Dwarf Wax Myrtle. Grows to about 4′ Now $8.50
Nandina ‘Firepower’ Dwarf Nandina, great winter color Feb $2.25 Now $8.50
Osmanthus fragrens Sweet Olive, old Southern kitchen door favorite April $2.00 Now $7.50
Feb $0.60 Osmanthus fragrens ‘Aurantiacus’ Gold-flowering form of Sweet Olive Now $8.50
Feb $0.60 Pieris ryukensis ‘Temple Bells’ Cascades of white spring flowers, heat tolerant Now $2.25 Now $8.50 Now $19.35
Pittosporum ‘Mojo’ TM  PP#16188 Hardy gold variegated dwarf Pittosporum Now $13.50
Now $0.50 Pittosporum heterophyllum variegated Unique small leafed white variegated Pittosporum fragrant, 5′ Now $7.50
Now $0.50 Pittosporum tobira variegated Variegated Pittosporum, good in light shade Now $7.50
Now $0.50 Pittosporum ‘Wheeler’s Dwarf’ Compact Pittosporum. Favorite selection Now $7.50
Quince – See Chaenomeles
Raphidophyllum histrix (Needle Palm) Cold hardy, handsome low native palm Now $13.50
Now $0.50 Raphiolepis ‘Snow White’ Compact white Indian Hawthorn April $7.50
Now $0.50 Spiraea ‘Anthony Waterer’ Soft lavender flowers Now $2.00 Now $7.50
Spiraea ‘Gold Mound’ Lime green foliage with pink flowers Now $2.00 Now $7.50
Now $0.50 Spiraea ‘Reeves’ Standard Southern double bridal wreath Now $2.00 Now $7.50
Thuja plicata ‘Emerald Green’ Narrow pyramidal evergreen with emerald green foliage. Now $2.00 Now $7.50
Now $0.60 Thuja oc. ‘Filiformis'(Thread-branch arborvitae) Green threadlike foliage on six foot conifer Now $2.25 Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Thuja occident. ‘George Peabody’ 25′ Golden broad upright evergreen, zone 2-8 Now $2.25 Now $8.50
Thuja plicata ‘Green Giant’ Fast growing evergreen screeen to 30′, zone 5-9 Now $2.00 Now $7.50
Thuja occ. ‘Little Gem’ Tiny 2′ globe form.  Good heat tolerance Now $7.50
Now $0.60 Thuja occ. ‘Yellow Ribbon’ 5-10′ semi-dwarf slow growing arborvitea with gold foliage Now $2.25
Now $1.75 Trachelospermum SNOW-N-SUMMER ™ Strongly variegated foliage from Head Ornamentals
Now $0.60 Vaccineum darrowi ‘Rosa’s Blush’ Metallic rose pink new growth distinguishes this native Now $2.25 Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Viburnum japonicum ‘Awabuki’ Glossy evergreen shrub, large screen Now $8.50
Viburnum luzonicum 8′ fast growing screening plant  with purple red fall foliage Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Viburnum macrocephallum- Sterile Chinese Snowball– spectacular 8″ blossoms Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Viburnum p. ‘Summer Snowflake’ Fragrant doublefile viburnum blooms all Summer Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Viburnum tinus ‘Spring Bouquet’ Sharp red buds open to white, early Spring Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Vitex agnes castes ‘Shoal Creek’ Bright blue panicles of summer flowers on a lacy small tree Now $8.50
Weigelia ‘Red Prince’ Compact mounding shrub with red summer flowers Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Weigelia variegated Red flowers on a bright gold variegated shrub Now $8.50
Wisteria frutescens ‘Amythyst Falls’ Non-invasive native vine with showy lavender blue flowers Now $8.50
Now $0.60 Zenobia p. ‘Woodlander’s Blue’ Blue foliage, red Fall color, white blooms in Spring Now $2.25 Now $8.50  

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